Ranging OT: Re: Amigas and Atari ST

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Tue Mar 9 21:30:34 1999

>being ported to the Amiga under the name "AMozillaX"; Power Computing are
>set to release a revised version of the A5000 that uses the Escona G3

Wow, this is the first mention I've heard of a A5000 in about a year!

>accelerator; and AmigaOS 3.5 screenshots have been shown for the first time

I saw them last night. Not as nice looking as my A3000 though :^)

>>Oh, BLEEP! Any news on the BoXeR? I'd wanted a BoXeR so bad it isn't
>>funny, but Mick has been dragging his feet for so long I'm no longer sure.
>Mick has a severe case of the flu apparently, so the BoXeR has been delayed.

Oh, good grief that's the last thing it needs is another delay :^( I'm
starting to suspect the real problem is that he's to much of a

>As you are on the Team Amiga ML I'm sure you've already got the mail from
>the Siamese PCI crew about the current problems with the board so I won't

Saw it this morning. Sounds like more of Amiga Inc. messing things up.

>Have you looked on the Siamese website recently? They are moving towards the
>Linux market with a new range of cheap Linux-based systems called the TVNC.
>It mentions that the Siamese PCI card can be used with these machines so I
>presume Linux support has, or will be added.

It's more likely they're refering to the Alpha running Windows NT. Though
I've heard about a new Alpha Box they're building that holds 8 Alpha

What I don't understand is why they seem to have the cheapest Alpha systems
around, I've not seen systems priced like them in the US. Admitadly I'm
mostly looking at systems that are capable of running OpenVMS.

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