Scanning old manuals

From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Tue Mar 9 17:21:07 1999

> Last I checked, that was a USD 3,000 camera. Prices may have gone
> down, however. Note that there's no way anything less than the $10K
> Hasselblad backs that magazines use for studio work can equal a 600dpi
> scan.

> Which 35mm film are you using? There are some really nifty Kodak
> technical films -- Tekpan something or other (4-digit number?) is an
> ASA 25 black & white film, although you'd need a few hundred dollars
> of lighting equipment to use it for this application. OTOH, T-Max 125
> probably delivers more than enough quality for the job. ^_^

Hey, you can save a ton of work scanning and get far better resolution than
the average scanner by taking the pictures on 35mm film with a good closeup
lense and having Kodak process it on to a photocd. Most graphics packages
(ie photodeluxe) can read photocds directly.
Jim Strickland
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