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Date: Thu Mar 11 06:44:30 1999

> Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org> wrote:
> > Russ Blakeman wrote:
> > > Anyone heard of a Hazeltine? Not sure of the model but I have a black
> >
> > They made quite a few different models of terminals, and one thing I have
> > heard but not yet confirmed, is that one of the models had some core memory
> > in it.
> If this is so, I wouldn't be surprised to find that that model is the
> Hazeltine 2000, a real piece of work.
> It's kind of boxy: one rectangular box for the monitor, with a black
> front and sort of goldenrod-shade-of-beige metal case, or maybe the
> ones I saw were just yellowed by exposure to chain-smoking
> programmers, and a matching yellowish boxy keyboard attached by way of
> a thick cable.

Yegods! We had one of those (probably donated by Bell Labs) back at
Monmouth College, where I got my CS degrees and later worked. I
still remember the boxy keyboard and the glowing buttons next to
tye keyboard (things like BREAK and CLR SCREEN).
> Best of all, it's too stupid to clear the screen when powered on, and
> likely as not what it greets you with first thing in the morning is a
> garbled version of what it was showing you last night when you turned
> it off. (There is a reset button, one of the round pushbuttons on the
> right edge of the keyboard, which clears the display should you like
> to start fresh.) So while I wouldn't be surprised to find that the
> display memory is core, I'd be even less surprised to find that it is
> some kind of acoustic delay line.

Core- 2K, to be specific. I know because I scavenged the core boards
out of ours when it died. Part of the reason the terminal was so big
was the fact that the logic was all on a set of index card-sized PCBs
in a card cage.

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