WAY OT: Re: Interesting to note about Altairs...

From: Tim Hotze <tim_at_thereviewguide.com>
Date: Fri Mar 12 04:55:10 1999

> You mean, oh, something perhaps like...LINUX!?

Exactly. Linux is perfect, and, best of all, it's not what a company
THINKS users want, or what a company WANTS users to THINK
they want, but actually what the USERS want, as THEY coded it.
Don't like something in Linux? Change it. Really. Don't know how
to code? Find someone with a similiar view that does. Of course,
this won't always be true, especially as Linux moves more and
more to THE SERVER OS, but it's still a lot more true than with
anything else out there.

> POPPY-COCK! You must forget what you knew in 1996 and move forward in
> time. Much has changed since then.

Exactly. Linux has become LOT easier to use. Most of the things
that corporate types say make Linux bad for the desktop--basically
that there is no real look for it, and so much can be changed, can
be solved by simply making policies on what software (IE KDE, but
not GNOME, etc.) can be run. I think that a good idea, however,
would be to make a distro 'standard' where you could tell that
software would run. (IE glibc based, contains these utilities, etc.)
Of course, you don't want all to be compaitble, but perhaps
versions could be made to be compatible. And if you have your
boxes go into X at start up, with KDE 1.1, Linux looks like MacOS.

> Sellam
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