AES Data 7100

From: Charles E. Fox <>
Date: Fri Mar 12 06:39:57 1999

At 07:09 PM 3/11/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>I just bought a strange looking machine at a Salvation Army store. It's
>from AES Data Inc., Montreal, Canada. Model # is 7100, which is on the
>plate on the front. I haven't brought it home yet because it's too damn
>heavy to carry.
>The monitor is attached to the machine via a swivel neck. Two
>full-height 5.25" disk drives are attached to the right hand side. The
>drives are part of the unit, but they're made to look separate, especially
>by their height which is much taller than the rest of the machine. (The
>drives are stacked one on top of the other.)
>The port on the back which is labeled "Printer", is a female connector
>which has pins arranged in a grid pattern. The connector looks very, very
>similar to the game controller connector on a Magnavox Odyssey.
>There's another port on the back which is a male edge connector. I didn't
>count the number of pins on it.
>The keyboard uses a wide phone-jack style connector, and it has a
>grounding wire which screws to the back of the machine.
>Does anyone know if this is just a strange looking early MS-DOS machine,
>or a CP/M beast, or if it's something entirely different?
>I can't wait to get it home and open it up to see what's inside.
>Providing I can figure out how to open it. :)
>Doug Spence
        Sounds as if you have found an ICON, aka "The Bionic Beaver", the computer
designed by the Ontario government to take over the educational computer
market. Unfortunately it came out at the same time as the IBM PC.
        If you find another one please let me know, as I have been looking in
Windsor without success. (The schools have all sent them to the dump.)


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