AUCTION - Apple Lisa

From: Anthony Clifton - Wirehead <>
Date: Sat Mar 13 20:04:57 1999

Apple Lisa Computer
        - Built-in 3.5 inch floppy disk
        - Keyboard and Mouse (Keyboard missing Enter keycap on 10 key keypad)
        - Profile External hard disk & controller

Condition: The computer powers on and asks, in its own way, for boot media.
        BUT the screen has some serious sync problems and is very scrambled.
        This is a video problem as connecting a composite monitor to the
        port on the back displays the same scrambled image on it. The cables
        between the controller and the Profile are missing. I do not have
        boot diskettes for this machine but instructions for acquiring and
        making them have been given on this list. The case exhibits the
        usual yellowing of a machine that has been used. In addition, the
battery has been removed as it leaked and the board areas around the leak
have been cleaned as much as possible to minimize damage. The battery will
require a replacement to be installed, which has not been done.
Nonetheless, this
        is a relatively rare example of one of the first commercially
        mass-produced Graphical User Interface machines. It would be good
        for spare parts or, if you already have a non-functioning Lisa, you
        can probably replace the card responsible for video and have a
        working machine.

Auction Terms: This will be a sealed bid auction. Send your offers
        to me at They will be recorded
        and the highest bidder by Midnight March 17, 1999 will be sold
        the item. Everyone, who bid, will receive an email at that time
        them the high bid but not to whom it was sold. Shipping will
        be in addition to your bid and will be $25.00 in the continental
        United States. The minimum bid on this item is $50.00.

Payment Terms: The successful bidder will send a check or money order
        for the winning bid amount plus $25.00 shipping to my address,
        which the winner will be provided. If payment is in the form
        of a money order, the item will be shipped immediately. If
        payment is in the form of a check, shipping will be delayed
        5 business days while the check clears.

I know that a couple folks have complained about me auctioning items here.
I simply want to make this piece available to the widest possible group of
actual collectors who will give it a good home, care for it and use it.
Obviously, I can't verify someone's intentions as I'm not psychic, but I
trust the group here and liquidating these items to the folks here eases
feelings of guilt for sending these machines away. It has been 7 days
since my last auction.

Thanks and happy bidding!

Anthony Clifton - Wirehead
Received on Sat Mar 13 1999 - 20:04:57 GMT

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