Medieval methods

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sun Mar 14 13:05:36 1999

>Of course... After the next (in progress even now perhaps) rennissance in
>computing, I suspect people will be making similar comments about the
>'bloat-ware' level of programming that is prevalent in the masses today,
>which allows nearly anyone with minimal experience and training to write
>mediocre code which is readily accepted by the mass audience (while at the
>same time being held in great disdain by those occupying the higher levels
>of the art).
><only somewhat tongue-in-cheek>

I'm not so sure. Rapid change defined the 80's and 90's, but a whole class
of basic applications are starting to stabilize, which permits a really
good version to rise to the top. Personally I kind of miss a word processor
that has instantanious response like PIE on my Apple II. Anybody else
remember PIE?
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