XT RAM Expansion Boards

From: Tim Hotze <tim_at_thereviewguide.com>
Date: Mon Mar 15 19:24:30 1999

Hi. I've had the XT for a while... it was in perfect condition. I even
got all the origional boxes and manuals that came with it. A
ProPrinter with demo pages, etc. were included. A whole heapin'
helpin' of software, as well as several disks were included. The
thing had all IBM componets, and I even have a recipt(!). I
personally was shocked that you had to buy all the individual
componets (well, not all, but they didn't have a complete system
setup.) Anyway, it also came with a RAM Expansion board, which
was installed, and a 20MB HardCard (I even have a Hard Drives of
America catalog from the same time.) As anyone with a hard card
knows, they have a metal board to support the hard drive on and
the PCB to go into the expansion slot. It's an easy upgrade, and it
really looks like it was a good idea. But anyway, because of the
size of the thing, my options are extremely limited as to what slot
it can go into. I ended up having to take the RAM expansion board
out. So can a RAM expanion board for an XT go into any slot, or is
the XT picky like an Apple II as to what can go where?


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