self-aggrandizing history, and the opposite (was Re: Cromemco (was Re: S-100 bus specs))

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Thu Mar 18 20:04:31 1999

>> Sheesh. These guys are as bad if not worse than Tandy and their
>> self-aggrandizing history.
> Most companies are the same...
> But HP did the opposite ;-). Two years ago (1997) they handed out
> stickers with 'HP calculators - 25 years of inovation' on them. At the
> HPCC conference that year, I had one of those stickers sitting on top of
> my HP9100B - a (then) 28-year-old HP calculator.

And IBM used to list the 5100 in their timeline as having been introduced
in 1979.

At least they fixed it after I pointed it out. Some companies have been
totally unresponsive to comments on their web sites.

Of course, it probably helped that my correction made them look *more*
innovative, rather than less.
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