AUCTION - GNT 4601 Reader/Punch Combo (Paper Tape)

From: Anthony Clifton - Wirehead <>
Date: Thu Mar 18 19:57:19 1999


GNT 401 Reader/Punch Combo
        - Paper Tape Reader/Punch unit
        - Partial Roll of Black Paper Tape mounted on unit, OK condition
        - Manual

Further Information
        - Manual from June 1982 so unit is probably same vintage
        - From the manual:

The GNT 4601 is the ideal paper tape reader/punch combination. It handles
serial data at speeds up to 1200 Baud, and all data and control signals
conform to RS232C/V24. There is also a current loop facility. ... The
GNT 4601 has two signal connectors and can be inserted between a modem or
computer and a terminal.

Condition: I've never actually tried or used this unit so I can't
guarantee it's condition but it appears to be in good condition, has
no broken pieces and appears to be relatively simple. It was obviously
intended for data conversion and a note in the front of the manual
indicates that someone was using it with a Radio Shack Model 100 (laptop).

Auction Terms: This will be a sealed bid auction. Send your offers
        to me at They will be recorded
        and the highest bidder by Midnight March 21, 1999 will be sold
        the item. Everyone, who bid, will receive an email at that time
        them the high bid but not to whom it was sold. Shipping will
        be in addition to your bid and will be $10.00 in the continental
        United States. The minimum bid on this item is $10.00.

Payment Terms: The successful bidder will send a check or money order
        for the winning bid amount plus $10.00 shipping to my address,
        which the winner will be provided. If payment is in the form
        of a money order, the item will be shipped immediately. If
        payment is in the form of a check, shipping will be delayed
        5 business days while the check clears.

Thanks and happy bidding!

Anthony Clifton - Wirehead

PS: My last auction was posted on Saturday, 5 days ago, and of the 4
auctions I've done, two people have already received their items and have
expressed no disappointment.
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