Computers in Parallel

From: Jason Willgruber <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 01:07:06 1999

Earlier today, I was reading an article in a magazine that I get (Science
News) that said Supercomputers were made faster by connecting them in
parallel (and I think someone here was talking about doing it with a bunch
of C64's). That got me thinking. - I have a bunch of old computers, some
network cards, and a big table in my basement.

Here's the computers that I was thinking of using:

HP Vectra RS/25C (386/25), GW2K (486-66), generic P-133, generic Cyrix
P200+, and either a PS/2 P70 (386-20) or a Toshiba 200CDS (P100) as the

My question is: How do I do this? Do I connect them using parallel ports,
or by using network cards and a hub? If I would the parallel ports, I could
also add an IBM 5170, and two Tandy 1000's into the mix, but I'd need a few
parallel cards. Is there any software that I would use, or would I have to
write my own program (BASIC?)?

                 -Jason Willgruber
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