Computers in Parallel

From: Lance Lyon <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 16:01:14 1999

Jason Willgruber wrote:

> Earlier today, I was reading an article in a magazine that I get (Science
> News) that said Supercomputers were made faster by connecting them in
> parallel (and I think someone here was talking about doing it with a bunch
> of C64's). That got me thinking. - I have a bunch of old computers, some
> network cards, and a big table in my basement.

There is a fellow in comp.sys.cbm a few months ago who mentioned that he was
designing a par. op.sys. around half a dozen linked 128's. Not sure how far he
progressed (the mail feed I get now doesn't carry that particular newsgroup),
but he'd gone quite some way into designing it.... will look up my archives &
see if I can extract the relevant info.

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