LSI-11 question

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 18:39:58 1999

Megan wrote:
> If I remember correctly, RT-11 originally booted in as little as
> 8kb of memory. Later we had to increase the minimum to 12 or 16 kb.

And the SPD for RT-11 V5.7 claims that it requires 32 Kbytes for SB,
48 Kbytes for FB, and 76 Kbytes for memory mapped monitors (XM, XB, ZM, ZB).

This is annoying since my GT40 only has 16 Kbytes. Which brings up several

1) What is the most recent release for which SB (or SJ?) will run
    reasonably comfortably in 16 Kbytes?

2) Can I buy that version from Mentec?

3) What is the newest release that is on-topic for this list? I.E, what
    was current on March 19, 1989?

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