LSI-11 question

From: Megan <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 20:59:27 1999

>And the SPD for RT-11 V5.7 claims that it requires 32 Kbytes for SB,
>48 Kbytes for FB, and 76 Kbytes for memory mapped monitors (XM, XB, ZM,


>This is annoying since my GT40 only has 16 Kbytes. Which brings up
>several questions:

<drool>... you have a GT40? I missed out on one years ago... I had
it in my office, but couldn't get the signatures to take it home, and
it ended up being lost in an office move... <sigh>

>1) What is the most recent release for which SB (or SJ?) will run
> reasonably comfortably in 16 Kbytes?

I would suggest that you have to go back to V4.0 of RT to even still
have the VT11 support in the monitor...

>2) Can I buy that version from Mentec?

I don't know how many releases they have in their library... but I
also don't know if they would consider selling it...

>3) What is the newest release that is on-topic for this list? I.E, what
> was current on March 19, 1989?

I believe V5.5 was the release which was current at that time. We were
still working on V5.6, which wasn't released until 1992. It might have
been V5.4, though... Heck, after 15 years of releases, they all sort
of merge in my memory...

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