LSI-11 question

From: Megan <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 14:43:38 1999

>I would like to put together a simple PDP-11 system. I've got a M7270
>card (LSI 11 processor) and an M8044-DB card (32KW MOS memory). I've also
>got a couple of PDP-11/03 and PDP-11/23 rack chassis that are both QBUS.
>I've also got a pair of RX02 drives. Does the M7270 go into an 11/03

Yes, it does... same ole' qbus...

>What other cards would I need to build a usable '11 ? No doubt a floppy
>controller card of some sort (although I also recently got the DSD440 to
>go with the funky RX02 emulator card) Some sort of serial port for a
>terminal (M number?) What is the minimum RT-11 system?

You'll need processor (M7270), memory (M8044), serial line card
(dlv11-J, M8043), boot/terminator (BDV11, REV11, etc), disk
interface card, disk, terminal. Of that list, I think you'll need a
BDV11 or REV11, unless the disk controller you have has on-board
boot (which the DSD880 controllers do have).

If I remember correctly, RT-11 originally booted in as little as
8kb of memory. Later we had to increase the minimum to 12 or 16 kb.

>I also picked up the programmers panel for a PDP-11/10. I'd love to put
>together a PDP-11/10 if I new what to look for.

I wish I'd known earlier... I have a couple of pdp-11/05,10 chassis
which I am giving to a group in Rhode Island...

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