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> A few posts back I remember this young man relying on MSD to figure out
> what he had. I personally have always found MSD to be worse than useless.
> If he's confused, that's why.

Right, bin that MSD and line up your components in desired order
to your preferences by RTFM those manuals and text docs that
came with s/w drivers and using utilities in your win9x to set PnP
settings and ideally, set any cards that supports jumpers.

Start with no cards except for video card to clean out the PnP
registers by clearing PnP in your bios screen. Decent boards
should provide that or from a known clean, decent 3rd party utility.

I had to battle with my PII to get 5 devices sharing one IRQ
seperated, dumb win98! Ugh!

Big snip!

> Does that sound possible?

That is not just "possible" it have happened from time to time when
something got screwed up. And one bad motherboard turned up
after putting good modem in. Modem in or out acted as turbo
button on that motherboard. Weird.

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