Big Commodore PET Haul - trades? for sale?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Sun Mar 21 21:47:35 1999

> This weekend I bought someones entire Commodore Collection. The reason I
> bought the collection was they were unwilling to break it up, so I've got to
> find homes for most of these machines.

> - 1 Commodore SuperPET
> - 10 CPUs: Commodore 8032, 4032, 4016
> - 1 Spare part machine, 2 extra motherboards, ROMs etc.

Where are you? I'm interested in the parts (it I can't get a whole PET
cheap). ROMs I have (in abundance); motherboards and non-working units
are welcome (I have the C= service manuals).

> - Lots of software (even some SuperPet stuff)

The SuperPET software especially needs to make its way to I
can convert and upload the software if necessary.

> My overall want list:
> NeXT

Hmm.... I _do_ have a 25Mhz NeXT slab (CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, no
RAM or HD). I had been planning on keeping it in the event that someday
I ran across an OS CD, but I must say that I am not really using it. It
might be available for trade if it came to that.

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