HP external disk drives available

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Mon Mar 22 09:08:05 1999

I have the following extra Hewlett Packard external floppy drives for sale:

  HP 9121D, 9122D, 9123D, 9122C and one each 9121S and 9122S. The 9121 uses
single sided drives, the 9122 and 9123 use double sided drives, the 9122C
uses HD double sided drives.

  The D models all have two drives. The S models have only one drive. The S
models are very rare, I've only seen three of them in several years of HP

  The 9123 is exactly the same as a 9122 except that it has no built-in AC
power supply. It's intended for use with the HP 150 TouchScreen II and gets
it's power from it.

  I also have some external HP hard disk drives available, mostly 9153Cs,
9133Ds, and a few HP 7958s. Most have BASIC or Pascal for the HP 9000 200
or 300 series computers installed on them.

  All the drives have the standard HP-IB interface.

  Contact me by private E-mail if you're interested.

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