BDV11 - which ROMs ?

From: Megan <>
Date: Mon Mar 22 07:08:57 1999

>This is so much fun, now in this otherwise forgotten pile of stuff I find
>a QBus backplane with a single card stuck in it, its an M8012 (aka BDV11)
>bootstrap and terminator card. Now the reason I ignored it, and probably
>the guy who tossed this backplane ignored it, was because it has a large
>number of "missing" chips. Presumably those are for booting various
>devices, it makes it look like the board has been stripped. However,
>knowing what it is now, I suspect it could come in handy. However, I've
>got no docs on it at all (sigh), but I've got The List. :-)

In my experience, I've never seen a BDV11 with more than 4 chips in
the sockets...

You probably have a perfectly good BDV there...

>Given the other stuff that was tossed out with this card I suspect either
>an RL01 boot rom or an RX02 boot ROM ...

Good possibility... also, a little trick about booting if all you
have is the RX boot... image copy the first block (boot block) of
the RL drive to the first block of an RX disk... this way, you
could boot the RL by specifying the RX... I've done it numerous
times on some of my -11s which didn't have the boot room I needed.

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