MINI AUCTION - Unibus Boards

From: Anthony Clifton - Wirehead <>
Date: Mon Mar 22 21:07:00 1999

>DEC Board M8743 - CMOS Memory Board
>DEC Board M7133 - 11/24 CPU Card

>Condition: These have not been tested. They came out of a DEC
communications server. Visually they are clean and undamaged.

>Auction Terms: This will be a sealed bid auction. Send your offers
> to me at They will be recorded
> and the highest bidder by Midnight March 24, 1999 will be sold
> the item. Everyone, who bid, will receive an email at that time
> telling
> them the high bid but not to whom it was sold. Shipping will
> be in addition to your bid and will be $5.00 in the continental
> United States. There is no minimum bid on this item. Please
        feel free to bid any amount.
>Payment Terms: The successful bidder will send a check or money order
> for the winning bid amount plus $5.00 shipping to my address,
> which the winner will be provided.

>Anthony Clifton - Wirehead
>PS: My last auction was posted on Thursday, 5 days ago.
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