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Date: Tue Mar 23 15:55:07 1999

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>Hello everyone.
>Here's a list of all the HP stuff we have here.
>They have to be out of here ASAP. But, I'll try to hang on to them
>for as long as I can. I'd like to find homes for them.
>I would also like any info any of you possibly have on them. Like,
>what exactly are they - what do they do?
>9000 345

   Pizza box size HP computer with 68000 series CPU and HP-HIL keyboard
input. I'm still trying to figure out what monitor they take.

>7958 B

   External disk drive with HP-IB interface. 158 Mb. I think the internal
drive is ESDI.

>7959 B

    Same but ~ 300 Mb.

>32-track 9145 A

    Tape back up with HP-IB interface. I don't rmember the capacity. I
have a couple of these but I've never found the tapes for them. In fact, I
haven't even found the PN for the tape. These will read (but not write)
the 88140 tapes used on the 9144.
>there is also one keyboard

  If it has two RJ ? sockets then it's HP-HIL and used for the 345.

and a 46087 B Mech Eng Series 10 Pad

    I think that's the keypad with 20 some odd buttons that used mainly for
CAD work. It's also HP-HIL. You can daisy-chain the HP-HIL devices together.

>a PaintWriter XL
>the 98785 A screens I mentioned before as well as the plotters (HP
>DraftMaster I and HP DraftPro DXL)
>I am located in London, so it would obviously be easier to ship
>within the UK for anyone interested.
>All I know about these things is that they were once part of the
>network they had here.
>I have no clue about their working status.
>Oh. About the above monitors. Does anyone know how I could get these
>things to work with a PC or Mac?

  Yes, but it's not worth the trouble. You need a specail video card and it
costs as much as buying a GOOD PC monitor.

They have three BNC connectors in
>the back - R,G and B. No Sync like on those new LCD screens - so will
>a cable for those newer screens not work on these HPs? What cable do
>I need?

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