From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Mar 23 20:45:27 1999

>I propose the Cybercafe part to raise enough revenue to pay for the space
>but I down't really know if you could generate enough to keep out of the
>Other thoughts and ideas please.....

>George L. Rachor Jr.
>Beaverton, Oregon

Simple, serve good food of a wide variety, and put it near one of the local
Intel plants. Between Ronlar Acres and Jones Farm would probably be the
best. The down side being that rent around here for the kind of space
needed is probably murder!

For places that don't have the advantage of Intel plants to draw a crowd,
I'd suggest placing it near a College. For either including some kind of
gaming set up might be helpful. Both multi-player computer games, and
stuff like "Magic:The Adiction".

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