PS/2s nicer than expected; some questions

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Date: Wed Mar 24 15:44:47 1999

>there is info on family 1 and ps2 products. I got from a good source that the
>reason MCA was discontinued was because if the bus speed was increased in
>order to keep up with PCI, that would have started encroaching on the RS/6K

That's an extremely confusing statement, as MCA is quite common in
many small-to-medium RS/6000's from just a few years ago. How can
MCA compete against RS/6000's when it's part of many RS/6000's?

I'm also confused by your statement that "MCA was discontinued", as IBM
continues to sell RS/6000's (both the R50 and the SP system 9076 are listed
in their February 1999 sales brochure) with MCA busses and MCA
cards and MCA peripherals.

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