Any interest in Windows/286?

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sat Mar 27 09:30:37 1999

That "old" version of Windows had the infamous problems with SMARTDRV. I'd
suggest you proceed with caution.

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From: Lawrence Walker <>
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Date: Saturday, March 27, 1999 4:58 AM
Subject: Re: Any interest in Windows/286?

On 26 Mar 99 at 20:42, Mark Gregory wrote:

> While browsing at one of my local thrifts, I found a large number (20+) of
> disk sets for Microsoft Windows/286. Each set seemed to be 3-4 disks
> (Setup, Build, Options, PC Paintbrush ... can't remember what else). There
> were no manuals, but the 5.25 disks seemed to be in good shape. Is anybody
> interested in these? If so, I can pick them up tomorrow and make them
> available to anybody who has a use for them. Let me know.
> Mark "Would have bought them on principle but didn't have the cash on me"
> Gregory

Mark, could you pick up a set for me. I've been looking to acquire a set
for some time.

Regarding Don's comment, He must have a different distribution since I
have a single disk labeled Windows 286 v 2.10 Setup, Build, and Displays 1
Disk and below diskette: 1 of 4 . It's a Microsoft A(merican) R(esearch)
C(oporation (sic)) disk .
I also have a 7 disk set of win 3.1. They're 1.2 megs. Possibly his is 360.
Both come up "unformatted" dialogue box in File Manager. I didn't try them
start-up lest I screw up my win set-up and I didn't have my win-less dos box
operating. Possibly also his set is built for install

ciao larry
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