Seller's market

From: Marvin <>
Date: Sat Mar 27 10:50:37 1999

Richard Erlacher wrote:
> The information I got from eBay's site suggests that only 70% of the
> auctions which are completed result in actual sales. What I get from this
> is that nearly one in three auctions which result in a fee to eBay don't
> result in a sale for the seller.

I rather suspect that the 70% figure is a bit misleading if taken just by
itself. The mechanics of a "good" title and description are really
important, as is including a picture for most items. Doing a search to find
similar items, what they sold for, how many bids, etc. are also important. I
have had two items out of perhaps 100 that the buyer failed to follow
through. I have also had perhaps 15 items that didn't sell that I put out
just out of curiousity to see what would happen. The rate of things I have
researched out before I put them up for auction is far better than the
claimed 70%.
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