The move is accomplished!

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sun Mar 28 20:26:21 1999

<In return for her help, she took the pdp-8/f (smaller unit than the
<pdp-8/e), a core stack from the -8/e, and a second serial line card.
<I believe she is pleased... I know I am...

You bet! I've wanted a physically small 8 to hack with for years.
This was lots of fun saving some really unique interesting machines.

Now to go through the bring up for a machine that may have been sitting for
too long. Any thoughts out there on the 8F power supply? I plan to pull
all the cards and load it so I don't cook anything.

<I took pictures and hope to document the procedure at some point
<in the future...

This was a fun move and Megan made it easier to do it by being persistant
and finding a good rental truck vendor with a liftgate. Nice truck!
Everything moved and none broken. A handy item to have are the nylon web
straps. They are handy to keep stuff on slides from sliding and also made
securing the racks to the walls of the truck. Other things were plenty of
rope and a good pair of movers dollies.

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