Canadian Computers (was: Re: AES 7100)

From: Doug Spence <>
Date: Sun Mar 28 22:52:36 1999

On Wed, 24 Mar 1999, Lawrence Walker wrote:

> Sounds like Doug has a head-startt in collecting Canadian-made computers
> what with the Hyperion and the AES.

Don't you have a MICOM or something that is Canadian-made?

Does my "Made in Canada" VIC-20 count? ;)

> Now to get an ICON and a MCM 70. I have a couple of clone types. A Tryllium
> 286 and another, a MAX , a 386 with dreadfull physical attributes, looks
> like an oversized XT, but nice internal architecture, OEMed by a Quebec
> company whose name escapes me at the moment.

Is the MAX related at all to the Comterm Max? The high school I attended
added some Comterm Max machines in '85 or '86, and there's a photo of
another Walker using one in the 1986 yearbook (any relation of yours? ;) ).

I still can't remember the name of the Quebec Government's French imports,
so maybe these are them.

When it comes to clone machines, there must be scores of cheesy little
Canadian Apple ][ clones about. Like my Microcom. I've passed up at
least 10 Microcoms over the years (all with slightly different keyboards).
A friend of mine has a Unitron II+ clone, there were Granny Smiths,
Oranges, McIntoshes, Lemons, etc...

And there are always the "here today, gone the same day" PC clones that
aren't really worth mentioning. My father had a "TEC MASTER Advanced
System AT+" (<- from front plate) from "Canadian Data", which I think was
just a run-of-the-mill-who-cares IBM-AT clone. It died when the batteries
(four AA cells stuck to the power supply with double-sided tape that
gave-way) leaked onto the motherboard.

Were there any other _real_ computer companies up here? Companies that
did something original instead of just slapping a badge on a Korean
clonebox? (I'm not asking about expansion card companies for PCs (e.g.
Matrox), just about companies that did something classic, genuinely
interesting and/or historically important.)

We could probably make a claim on Commodore the same way we claim
Alexander Graham Bell, but the computer business was mostly based
elsewhere. :)

> ciao larry

Doug Spence
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