4116's and other memory

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Mon Mar 29 17:52:12 1999


  I have a machine that uses 2116s. What are they? Fortunately I don't
need any at the moment but let me know if you have any so I'll know where
I can get them if I have to.


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>If you have other "old" memory needs, e.g. 2115's (Intel 1kx1's, 25 ns) or
>maybe something equally out of date, let me know where you would use them
>and maybe I can help you out.
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>Date: Monday, March 29, 1999 10:43 AM
>Subject: Re: Picture of my latest haul
>>>Who was the nut who mounted the CPU units near your ankles? Looks like
>>>you're suposed to lie on your belly in order to read the displays and
>>>toggle the switches!
>>Well, the lowest of the machines (the pdp-8/e and pdp-8/f) were
>>actually not even configured for operation... they were simply
>>stuck in the racks, taking up space. The 8/f now has a home with
>>Allison, so there is empty space in the 11/34 rack... which I will
>>probably fill with an RL01 (or RL02 if I can find one).
>>The pdp-8/a, which doesn't have any blinkenlights, was the actual
>>operating machine for the person who owned it before... its
>>backplane can handle a hex board, which was required for the RL8
>>controller, apparently.
>>The 8/e is currently out of the rack as I figure out what I'm going
>>to do next...
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