Tandy 100 pile - could it be valuable?

From: Derek Peschel <dpeschel_at_u.washington.edu>
Date: Mon Mar 29 16:57:18 1999

> > (Neither was fantastically informative, unfortunately... I was hoping for
> > info about machine language or a complete table of characters and key codes.
> > There was a table in both manuals, but I'm not sure if I would trust it.
> Any particular reason why you don't trust it? I've not found any errors
> in that table...

Well, maybe "don't trust" is the wrong phrase. I was hoping for information
about key combinations that don't map to ASCII characters (i.e., Ctrl+Shift
combinations, function keys), or extra graphics characters (yes, there are
visible glyphs in the control-character slots I think, but they are so
miscellaneous as to make the IBM character set look well-organized).

Basically, I suppose I was hoping for more details.

> The tech manual is pretty good on the hardware side (full schematics,
> theory of operation, etc), but a bit lacking on the software side. It
> gives a number of useful entry points, but of course there are many more
> that _aren't_ there...

Well, yes, exactly. See above.

-- Derek
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