PDP-11/34A rebuild project Was: Re: Post-move diary

From: Megan <mbg_at_world.std.com>
Date: Tue Mar 30 12:10:34 1999

>Great choice to start with! (Uhh, actually, I'm trying to get my own
>11/34A running and this will open up our list colleagues' assistance for
>benefit of both of us ;-)

Thanks... I'm sure it will...

>The 11/34A CPU backplane (slots 1-9) has to be a DD11-PK.

The backplane does appear to be the correct one...

>Does the ID label on the outside, right side panel of the system box say
>1134A xx or is it BA11 xx?

I'll have to check...

>Can't help with the VT11. Sorry. Sounds quite cool though.

It is... when I was in college (the first time around), I used to
write programs for it under RT-11... I wrote a program for an ME
grad student which displayed a four-bar linkage problem, allowing
the student to examine the results of various lengths of the legs
by actually moving them in real-time with the light pen...

Another program I did graphed trajectories of objects given initial
angle and velocity... it properly did clipping at the top of the
screen if the graph went that far, and did automatic scaling...

Finally, I developed a program which allowed design of logic
circuits using the light pen to first drag parts from a library
along the edge of the screen out to the breadboard field, then
wired them, then could supply a clock and test what the circuit

>Should have three cables connecting to the console panel: a two-wire
>shielded cable going to the M9312 (P/N: 70-11413-3F), a four-wire twisted
>cable going to the H765 PSU (P/N: 70-11992-0-0) and a 20 cond. flat cable
>(P/N: 70-12214-2D) which goes to the M7859 Programmer's Console module.

It looks like it has the right cables, but I'll have to check when I
get home... Thanks for the info...

>The FPU is M8267. (The FP11-A option)

Turns out I have one in the box of parts... (see my list at the bottom
of this post).

>Cache board # M8268 (the KK11-A option)

Found it too in the same box...

>Important to find the over-the-top jumper boards which go between the
>various modules and possibly dependent upon whether you have the FPU in
>or out. I'm assuming you got a box with a rat's nest of cables and misc
>parts. If so, dig for small PC boards with dual-row, 0.1" center
>connectors. Part numbers on white paper labels are H8821 with dual 40-pin
>connectors and (hopefully for addition of your planed FP option) the
>H8822 with three 40-pin conns.

I did find some familiar connectors for such things... I'll have to
check them out when I get home and see if they are what I need...

>If you do not have the 11/34A printsets and KK11-A Cache tech manual
>please get back to me and I'll give you more P/N's and some details on
>what goes where based on my system and 11/34A printsets. This can get
>confusing with just simple, brief statements.

Not for someone who has seen the stuff before... I'm not a guru with
it, but I recognize what you're talking about...

>I have not found an FP11-A tech manual and printset and Cache printset as
>of yet (hint-hint anybody! :)

I still have a box of printsets to go through as well... it may just
have that in there... we may both luck out...

>Two other important cables to root around for in the box, which go
>between the M8266 and M7859, are two 10-conductor flat cables P/N
>70-11411-1D. When the M8367 FPU board is plugged-in, they run between the
>M8267 and the M7859 (this is where the docs are *real* handy) and a
>over-the-top board connects the M8266 and M8267.

More to checkout when I get home...

>The board lineup in my machine is as follows (going from slot #1 to the
>left) and the first five must be adhered to:
>#1 M8266, 11/34A Control Module (KD11-EA)
>#2 M8265, 11/34A Data Path Module (KD11-EA)

These two are in the machine...

>#3 M8267, 11/34A Floating Point Processor

Not yet, but soon...

>#4 M9312 (slot A-B), Bootstrap/Terminator;

M9301, but I have an M9312...

>#4 M7859 (slot C-D-E-F), Programmer's Console I/F (KY11-LB)

It's in there...

>#5 M8268, 11/34A Cache (1kbyte) (KK11-A)

Not yet...

>The following can now be any MUD module . . .
>#6 M7891-BC, 64KW MOS memory
>#7 M7762, RL01/2 controller (RL11)
>#8 G727A, buss grant jumper
>#9 M9202, backplane jumper to next backplane . . .

Haven't found the RL11 controller yet... I do have the bus grant
jumpers, and a terminator in the main backplane. The VT11
backplane wasn't even connected... but then again, it doesn't
have a power harness...

>For you Megan, the first three slots shall be M8266, M8265 and M8267 with
>the H8821 over-the-top jumper between the 8265 and 8267. So, the H8821 is
>the hot item to find to get your FPU lit up.

I don't think I saw the over-the-top connector in the machine, but I
think I saw one in the random parts box...

>Incidentally, my system box has several of the module numbers printed on
>the slot number label strip going across the top of the backside of the
>slot cage. Yours may if it is indeed an 11/34A box instead of a generic

Yep, it has that strip...

>Oh, I am salivating at the RUX50 controller! :) Can you clone that

Sorry... :-)

Okay... here is the list of what I have found (so far) in my collection
of UNIBUS related parts...

        DD11-CK 4 slot hex backplane
        DD11-DK 9 slot hex backplane
        DD11-B 4 slot hex backplane (comm backplane?)

        G109C part of memory option... don't know which yet
        G114 (with H217C and G235)
        G231 part of memory option... don't know which yet
        G235 (with H217C and G114)
        G651 (with H221A)

        H114 (with G114 and G235)
2 H214 8 Kw 16-bit stack used in MM11-L
        H215 8 Kw 18-bit stack (parity) used in MM11-LP
        H221A 8 Kw 18-bit stack (plugs into G651)

4 M3105 DHU11 - 16-line async mux
3 M5904 RH11 Massbus controll transceiver
2 M5922 RM03 transceiver port A
2 M5923 RM03 transceiver port B
        M7013 ???
        M7014 ???
        M7093 FP11-F 11/44 Floating point module
        M7097 KK11-B 11/44 4 KWord cache module
2 M7228 KW11-P Programmable real-time clock
2 M7260 KD11-B 11/05,10 Data paths
2 M7261 KD11-B 11/05,10 Control logic
        M7341 ???
        M7521 DELUA
        M7522 RUX50
3 M7547 TUK50
        M7684 RK05 control sequencer
        M7685 RK05?
        M7686 RK05?
2 M7792 DEUNA port module (1/2)
2 M7793 DEUNA link module (2/2)
3 M7800 DL11
        M7819 DZ11-A 8-line async mux
3 M7856 DL11-W SLU and real-time clock
        M7859 KY11-LB 11/34a programmers console interface
        M7860 DR11-C parallel I/O
3 M7891 MS11 (I don't know which variants yet)
        M7892 TU60 Cassette interface
        M7893 DRS11
        M7895 DSS11
        M8203 (with M8207) DMP11
        M8206 (with M8207) DMC11
        M8207 (one with M8203, one with M8206)
        M8256 RX211 RX02 floppy disk interface
        M8265 KD11-EA 11/34a data paths module
        M8266 KD11-EA 11/34a control module
        M8267 FP11-A 11/34a floating point processor
        M8268 KK11-A 11/34 cache module
        M8293 16K UNIBUS timing
2 M8398 DMZ32 24-line async interface
        M873 BM873 bootstrap/loader
4 M9202 UNIBUS backplane jumper
        M9312 Boot/terminator

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                                        Former RT-11 Developer

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