PDP-11/34A rebuild project Was: Re: Post-move diary

From: Megan <mbg_at_world.std.com>
Date: Tue Mar 30 20:44:17 1999

>I forgot to mention this, and it's important if indeed you do not have
>the 11/34A assembly printset: the 20-conductor flat ribbon cable polarity
>is swapped around when plugged into the prog. console panel. The pin
>one/blue stripe side of the ribbon cable is *not* connected to the board
>connector pin one. It's correct when plugged into the M7859. I'm assuming
>cables are not now connected between the panel board and the box. If they
>are still conn. then you'll see what I mean. (Why did DEC do this? Was it
>because of a mistake which was not considered important to fix or was it
>because of board artwork considerations to make mfg simpler/cheaper??
>Doesn't seem like something DEC would let by.)

I hadn't noticed the swap... I thought the connector was keyed, so
you can't put it in wrong... I don't know why DEC might have done

BTW - it turns out I do have the 11/34a printset...

>I'm much less of a guru than anybody as I've never had my hands on *real*
>PDP-11 hdwr until last summer/fall. I'm actually in the learning mode but
>have done enough fiddling and have about half the resources I need to be
>sort of maybe a little knowledgeable. (Is that vague enough?? :) That'll
>be proved when I start working with the list for help on getting my own
>11/34A system running.

Maybe my experiences, and the documentation of same, will help...
(I hope we're not putting everyone else to sleep with it)

>Let me know what tech mans and printsets you need. Then I'll see what I
>can do to copy missing ones for you if indeed I have them. However, I
>lack several myself or have apparently too-early versions so may not
>completly fill-in your needs.

As I mentioned, I have the 11/34a printset. I have not yet found
the VT11 printset, nor have I found an LPS printset...

Do you have these? (Does someone else have these?)

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