PDP-11/34A rebuild project Was: Re: Post-move diary

From: Megan <mbg_at_world.std.com>
Date: Tue Mar 30 20:48:51 1999

>I should have the prints for it (and for the VR14) somewhere. I fixed a
>couple of VR14s a few years back - interesting things to work on. Watch
>out for that EHT PSU can - it's a mains transformer + voltage doubler and
>is quite capable of killing you.

EHT PSU? You mean the VR14? Yep, I'll be avoiding that one until
I absolutely have to touch it...

>> Two other important cables to root around for in the box, which go
>>between the M8266 and M7859, are two 10-conductor flat cables P/N
>>70-11411-1D. When

>Those aren't _essential_ unless you're like me. They enable the
>'maintenance mode' of the frontpanel - single-step microcode, etc. Some
>manuals recomend against leaving them in the machine (presumably to
>prevent confusing lusers), but I've never had a problem.

I guess I am like you... if the machine has some capability, I want
it available to me... I'll have to look at it again to try to figure
out what you're talking about as to where the cables go...

>They're easy to make from 10 way IDC header sockets and ribbon cable,

That's good to know...

>I believe you can put an MUD or SPC card in slot 5 if you don't have the
>cache. I can't remember what happens if you don't have the FPU - either
>slot 3 is also an SPC slot (I think that's the case) or you move
>everything left one slot (Which I think is not the case).

In the backplane I have, everything except for the first slot and the
last slot is a MUD. (Confirmed by the decal on the inside of the
chassis and by the printset).

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