PDP-11/34A rebuild project Was: Re: Post-move diary

From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_netsync.net>
Date: Wed Mar 31 07:48:06 1999

Upon the date 09:44 PM 3/30/99 -0500, Megan said something like:
>BTW - it turns out I do have the 11/34a printset...

It's probably 1134A F.M. print set #MP00190? In it you'll see on sheet 3
of 3 on the Unit Assembly dwg E-UA-1134A-0-0 the illustrations regarding
the cabling between the KY11-LB and the M7859. The key indicators are
marked. I placed a Post-it note right on that page reminding me of that
swap as I usually forget little details like that over a period of time.

>>I'm much less of a guru than anybody as I've never had my hands on *real*
>>PDP-11 hdwr until last summer/fall. I'm actually in the learning mode but
>>have done enough fiddling and have about half the resources I need to be
>>sort of maybe a little knowledgeable. (Is that vague enough?? :) That'll
>>be proved when I start working with the list for help on getting my own
>>11/34A system running.
>Maybe my experiences, and the documentation of same, will help...
>(I hope we're not putting everyone else to sleep with it)

I don't think so. Many folks seem to like the nuts 'n' bolts of hardware
discussion from what I've seen over time here. We're doing a bit of
documenting of getting our systems up which is important for the archives.
Besides, the folks interested in listening-in are probably watching (and
may contribute to the discussion) and the folks not interested are skipping
it (based upon reading the Subject line)

>>Let me know what tech mans and printsets you need. Then I'll see what I
>>can do to copy missing ones for you if indeed I have them. However, I
>>lack several myself or have apparently too-early versions so may not
>>completly fill-in your needs.
>As I mentioned, I have the 11/34a printset. I have not yet found
>the VT11 printset, nor have I found an LPS printset...
>Do you have these? (Does someone else have these?)

I have neither. Sorry. BTW, fill me in briefly on what an LPS is.

One of the things that would help me a lot is the KD11-EA Maintenance
Manual #EK-KD11EA-MM-001. I suspect my problem is more complicated so any
way to better navigate the CPU hardware details will be of great help.

Also, the PDP-11/34 System User's Manual I have lacks specifics on the
/34A. Although mention is made of the 'A' it seems the manual
(EK-11034-UG-001, copyrighted 1977) was written before the /34A was
released. No mention in it of the M9312 (which has a diagnostic ROM
aboard). Just a bunch on the M9301. Anybody know if the diagnostic ROMs on
the 9301 and 9312 are the same? The 9312 diagnostic ROM part # is 23-248F1.
I have M9312 technical manual but *it* doesn't know about the 11/34A, just
the /34. Go figure.

Regards, Chris
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