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From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Wed Mar 31 03:28:22 1999

On 30 Mar 99 at 12:57, Tiger wrote:

> Hello everyone. I have a lot of old computer hardware, software, books, and
> magazines which I'd like to sell before I move long distance in about a month.
> Over the last few months I've posted on Usenet and tried eBay with only
> moderate success. With moving day approaching and too few sales lately to
> justify the time, I'm about to give up and donate the majority of these
> items to the local charities who are fortunately willing to take most of my
> stuff. This means that any sales need to be resolved within a couple weeks.
> As this is the classical computer list I hope some people here might have
> interest in this type of old computer stuff. The majority of it is from the
> 1980s. The computers I have the most stuff to the least stuff for sale are:
> - IBM compatible
> - Commodore 64/128
> - Apple II series/IIGS
> - Amiga
> - Atari 8-bit
> - Macintosh
> - TI-99/4A
> Very briefly I have:
> - BOOKS - a couple hundred computer books, programming books, electronic
> data books,
> and technical books (a lot of reference books are for Apple and Amiga,
> such as the
> Addision-Wesley series). Also a few math and physics textbooks.
> - SOFTWARE MANUALS - a couple hundred manuals without the disks for things
> like Borland
> Turbo products, Microsoft C/C++, Visual Basic, DBase, Autocad, etc.
> - HARDWARE - Commodore 128 computers, disk drives, many printers for
> Commodore specific
> and IBM compatibles, old monitors, cassette units, etc.
> - SOFTWARE - a LOT of software for the first 4 computers in my list above.
> For IBM I
> have mostly old applications, for Commodore mostly games, and for Apple &
> Amiga
> mostly applications and development software (APW, Merlin, Manx C, etc).
> There's a
> misc handful for the other 3.
> - MAGAZINES - a variety of magazines, mostly for IBM and Apple. PC Tech
> Journal,
> Nibble, Video magazine, etc. I could be convinced to dump some ancient PC
> Magazines
> and Compute's for the right price, but I was planning to keep those
> (unless I'm
> floored by the movers' estimates this week).
> - LASERDISCS - a handful of older titles, mostly at $9 each.
> - GAME MANUALS - I have almost 50 computer game manuals without disks. I
> was asking
> $9 for all of them, but I'd just throw them in for someone who's buying a
> lot.
> Please look at my lists and feel free to ignore the prices and make
> reasonable offers. My main criteria are I have to get enough money to make
> the transaction worth the effort and the amount needs to be reasonably
> close to what I think my charitable deduction will be worth.
> If you can come by Santa Barbara, California, and pick up a lot of stuff in
> person we'll work out a really good deal.
> Please send email to if you're interested in anything.
> All of my lists can be found at:
> Thank you for your time.

 Wow ! This is a serious collection. Just too bad you didn't come to the
list earlier. It must be painfull to part with all this, which had to have been
collected over a long period of time.
 I'll definitely get back to you once I consult my dwindling budget remains.

 Damn ! You California guys get first dibs on all the good stuff. Makes me want
to emigrate even if California is immanently going to fall into the Pacific
 It's not fair !! Fortunately you're likely getting so jaded that us
outlanders can pick up the occasional crumb that falls from your table.
 At least you can envy the DEC Massachusets Mafia, and the Florida Finaglers.
And of course John Keys jr. who's an enigma unto himself.

ciao larry
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