Boy maimed by VAX? That's nothing! :)

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <>
Date: Wed Mar 31 13:32:00 1999

That's nothing. Me and a buddy broke all 10 of his toes with a PDP-11/44.
Was remarkably easy (and entertaining!) too. 44 is in a dual cab, weighs
~600 pounds. (I think... We never weighed it. It was REALLY FSCKING HEAVY.)
Anyway, we wanted to get it down a narrow hallway, but DEC, in their infinite
wisdom, fixed the rear wheels of the box so they didn't caster. So, we got
a handcart that had 4 wheels (2 up by the handle), laid it down, and manhandled
the 44 onto the cart. We start shoving down hall, 44 slides partially off
the cart and onto the floor. BUddy comes around the side to see if the box had
removed my fingers (I was in front), and has his toes under the box as he goes.
Did we mention the cart had a curved handle? Anyway, the weight of the 44
pushed the cart backwards, it departs the area at a high rate of speed, and
the box drops 6 inches onto his toes. We had a hell of a time removing the
machine from the hallway...

So, how badly did you hurt the hand?
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