Boy maimed by VAX? That's nothing! :)

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed Mar 31 19:41:17 1999

>That's nothing. Me and a buddy broke all 10 of his toes with a PDP-11/44.
>Was remarkably easy (and entertaining!) too. 44 is in a dual cab, weighs

This is why you should wear steel toed boots when moving equipment like
this. Also as I learned while unloading the TU-81+ that I got for my
PDP-11/44 from my pickup when I got it, you should also wear gloves. I did
a good job of trying to remove my knuckles when the one side panel came
off. It took a long painfull time for that to heal, but not as long as
your friends toes must have taken (ouch!).

I tend to keep a pair of steel toed boots, and a good pair of leather
gloves in my pickup now. It's my intention to add a couple 2x4's and a
piece of sheet metal also. Hint, getting a TU-81+ stuck in the crack of an
elevator (why did my storage units have to be on the top floor) is not fun,
especially with knuckles that are bleeding like crazy.

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