Floor tiles

From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Wed Mar 31 17:01:25 1999

> >Are European floor tiles for computer rooms 2 feet square, like those
> >found in the U.S., or are they smaller?

Dependig which system you buy. There are American 2 ft tiles available,
or European 50 and 60 cm tiles. I temember very well the time then I
did 'floor diving'.

> >I am trying to find out how big the ETA-10P Pipers are, and I have picture
> >that has a floor tile as a reference. The image,
> >http://www.tno.nl/instit/fel/museum/computer/eta10p.jpg,
> >is rather funny looking, as the people make the box look small.

> I don't think that is a floor tile. If you'll know the floor is carpeted,
> and the tile is mirrored.

YOu are right, but it is still a doubble floor tile - The lower side is
typical metal coated to reduce (radio) noise, transmited from the large
antennas ...err... cables below :) - and floor tiles wit carpet tiles
atop are usual for 'high quality' computer rooms - don't forget, banks,
insurence companies and similar sites have a standard to maintain...


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