A sad day for DPT...

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_bluefeathertech.com>
Date: Tue Nov 2 00:00:53 1999

At 11:45 01-11-1999 -0800, Mike Ford wrote:

>Go to the front of the ftp and select download site. Wait to find out what
>will happen at your own peril.

        Already done. I archived everything I use for my own boards, and a few
other things besides.

>BTW Adaptec is certainly interested in profit, but they otherwise seem a
>far cry from MS, Adaptec stuff works.

        That's debatable. Their older stuff works great! (154x, 174x, 164x, etc.),
but I discovered the hard way that the 2940UW doesn't seem to work reliably
on a system with a 100MHz front-side bus. Others have had bad luck with
some of their RAID products in the AAA series.

        I just installed an Initio card in my system. Worked flawlessly,
full-speed, no glitches, no headaches. Far cry from having to install a
separate ISA-based SCSI adapter for my CD-ROM because the 2940 didn't like
me using both internal connectors and the external at the same time.

        Anyway, this is hardly classic stuff, so I'll let the subject drop.

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