A sad day for DPT...

From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_30below.com>
Date: Tue Nov 2 19:46:22 1999

Rumor has it that Bruce Lane may have mentioned these words:

>some of their RAID products in the AAA series.

Yea, if no-one's willing (or able) to write Linux drivers for it, you know
it sucks... (Linux can't support the AAA-1130 RaidPort card... :-( )

> I just installed an Initio card in my system. Worked flawlessly,
>full-speed, no glitches, no headaches. Far cry from having to install a
>separate ISA-based SCSI adapter for my CD-ROM because the 2940 didn't like
>me using both internal connectors and the external at the same time.

Erm... did you install a dual-channel SCSI card? I can tell you that the
Tekram & Diamond Fireport 40 cards (NCR mumble800 chipset) don't like that,
either... Despite the fact it's got 3 plugs, it's only 1 bus, and it
doesn't like the bus split into a Y...

I took a different route; cheaper than the secondary card idea, maybe more
expensive than what you did (dunno what your card cost)... For $17USD (or
so) from Buycomp.com I purchased a Belkin HD 68-pin <-> 50-pin SCSI
adapter, so I could plug in my Plextor SCSI3-Narrow 40x cdrom into my
SCSI3-Wide cable... works great, especially if you're hooking up legacy
hardware to a newer card (like my 10-year-old MaxOptix Tahiti-1 gig MO
Drive (It's in our webserver)... Just to keep this on track ;-)

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