HP-HIL keyboard/mouse

From: Bill Bradford <mrbill_at_mrbill.net>
Date: Tue Nov 2 19:23:43 1999

On Tue, Nov 02, 1999 at 05:16:59PM -0500, Sean 'Captain Napalm' Conner wrote:
> It was thus said that the Great Ken Marshall once stated:
> > At 01:42 AM 10/28/1999 -0400, you wrote:
> > >So my question is, where can I pick up two HP-HIL keyboard/mice for cheap?
> > >Othersise, two very nice machines are just sitting here, doing nothing but
> > >holding down the carpet.
> > Sean:
> > I have several HP-HIL keyboards and mice from 9000 series systems. You can
> > have two of each for the price of shipping. Just let me know where to send them
> The only concern I have is if they'll work in the HP Apollo 400 Series of
> computers. If they do, I'll take two.
> Sorry for taking so long in replying, busy weekend.
> -spc (If they do, I'll write back with the address to send them to ... )

BTW, Goodwill Computerworks here in Austin has a couple of HP/Apollo 400
series machines (with vertical stands) in their "server" section - one
looks kinda beat up, the other just kinda dinged.. I"ll go by and get
specs (and prices, I think they're down to $25) tomorrow if anyone's

On that angle, Do any of the HP PA-RISC 9000-series machines qualify as
"classic" computers yet, and if so, anybody have something for sale
that will run HP-UX 10.20?


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