Xerox D-series workstations

From: Kevin Schoedel <>
Date: Wed Nov 3 21:42:51 1999

Hello all,

I've just been fortunate enough to obtain a pair or Xerox D-series
machines. One is a 53D (Daybreak? Dove? 6085? 1186?) and the other an

I understand the 53D has its microcode control store in RAM; is there any
available information on the microinstruction encoding, and how I might
in principle be able to write my own? (I work for a company that did
microcode compilers, ten years ago when people still built microcoded
machines, so yes, I *do* know what I'm suggesting.) For that matter, is
there any available information on the macroinstruction set(s)? So far
I've been able to find very little about these boxes.

The 53D boots happily into Lisp. Err... could someone please tell me, as
soon as possible, how to safely shut this machine off?

Two boxes of Lisp manuals, dated June 1997, and still shrink-wrapped. If
there is a 'collector' out there who would like to trade for 'working'
copies of the same, contact me before I open them....

A carton of Lisp floppies; although these were sold with the 8010, they
clearly belong to the 53D, since they're 5.25" not 8". They're marked
DS/DD 48tpi; is there anything unusual about these, or could they in
principle be read and archived from a current pc?

The 8010 doesn't boot. The power supply is fine; the drive spins up and
is loud but sounds smooth. The LEDs rest at 0000, and nothing happens.
Any obvious things I should try, or will I have to wait until I can do
Serious Work on this?

Kevin Schoedel
Received on Wed Nov 03 1999 - 21:42:51 GMT

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