Finally got a "straight" DF32 yesterday - bandwidth saver - many messages inside

From: John B <>
Date: Wed Nov 3 21:29:00 1999

Looks like the PDP 8/S will be running a lot more than FOCAL in the near

Yesterday in our snow storm I picked up:

DF32 with docs and "Disk Monitor" paper tapes. This is the first series
DF32s with the "R" series modules and no "8I switch". This DF32 has all the
interface hardware to connect to the 8/S. This unit was wrapped in plastic
and was used as a spare - it looks like it was used very little. I also got
a new spare disk for it if I need it. But... the DF32 needs 13 I/O cables to
connect to the 8/s. Anyone still selling these kinds of things?

500+ flip chip spares - mostly R (mostly the #s used in the CPU of 8,8/S)
and a bunch of A,B,K,W,Z.. no Ms :-) If anyone is looking for any kind of
transistor Flip Chip I am sure I can help. I have over 800+ spares now for
this system.

Hundreds of Flip Chip Test Specs/Schematics - every possible module I have

H901 Flip Chip Patch Panels - These are really sweet. You basically plug the
flip chips in the back and use banana plugs in the front. Also, (I didn't
know this at the time) hundreds of those "plastic" cards for the front of
the H901 to make it easy to wire circuits.

More Paper tape software - A lot of old DECUS stuff for the 8/s (old dice
game, 5,5/8,8), etc.. Two trays of Disk Monitor and PAL III-D. I STILL NEED

A half dozen more PDP 8/S software manuals.

A data General Nova 3 with 2 40 series drives, paper tape high speed reader,
and more docs, disks.

Another teletype by Leigh (ASR-33)... This one is nice as it has seen almost
no use.. Also, 2 more sets of schematics and serice manuals for this

A couple of weeks ago I picked up another PDP 11/34 with 2 RL02s...

Next month I will be getting at least one Straight-8, a bunch of Honeywell
316 systems.. I am still waiting to find out which mystery IBM system I am
picking in in the near future (was purchased before '68).



Is there a company that still sells I/O negibus cables?

Has anyone here worked with Disk Monitor? Any special tricks to setting it
up or using it?



I am building a quick testing station with the H901s with the 8/s so I can
quickly fix these Flip Chips so I can provide a list on my website for
anyone who needs one.

I got a dedicated internet line now so I will have the 8/S connected to
telnet soon. I am hoping to have the drive up and running in a few days so
interested people can connect to the 8/s or a Nova. If I can get a good
220V->110V transformer then I can run a couple of PDP 11 systems too.

I will update the webpage over the next few weeks to catalog the parts and
software I have to help others with their old transistor computers.


Updates to members here (trying to save bandwidth)

I am just starting to move my personal collection from storage and have
found many versions of complete sets of documentation for RT11,
RSX-11M/PLUS, and RSTS/E - ver 7.0,9.0, etc..) also many original
distribution sets for many of the above PDP 11 O/Ss. As I am trimming my
collection of minis pre '73 (unless they are REALLY something) and many 11s.
I am not going to waste anyones time waiting for "will trade for" or
anything like that... reasonable $$ will take it.

Kevin: Will get back to you on the 11/45,TS03 this week.

Chuck: I am going to storage this weekend. I will look for the RK8E cables
for you. I don't need them as I don't like any "IC" PDP-8.. well, maybe an




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