Xerox D-series workstations

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Date: Thu Nov 4 16:40:18 1999

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> I've just been fortunate enough to obtain a pair or Xerox D-series
> machines. One is a 53D (Daybreak? Dove? 6085? 1186?) and the other an
> 8010.
According to <A HREF="">Xerox
Workstation Spotter's Guide</A>

The 53D is the Dove or 6085

The 8010 is the Dandelion or T22 & K91

I have had several 53Ds and T22s so I can verify those numbers. I had some
8010s with a different number but I am not sure it was K91. It seems to me
that it was different, but this was 7 years ago.

I wish I had kept one of the Dandelions. This was one of my favorite machines.

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