Xerox D-series workstations

From: Kevin Schoedel <>
Date: Thu Nov 4 20:20:38 1999

On 1999/11/04 at 5:40pm -0500, <> wrote:
>I have had several 53Ds and T22s so I can verify those numbers. I had some
>8010s with a different number but I am not sure it was K91. It seems to me
>that it was different, but this was 7 years ago.

This one has T22F on a serial number plate; there are no other obvious

On 1999/11/04 at 7:40pm +0000, Tony Duell wrote:
>Yes, I think most D-machines do, as did the somewhat related PERQ
>machines (which I know rather more about). This is a really fun feature
>IMHO (I _like_ writing microcode, OK :-)), and is one reason why I
>collect such machines.

Yes; more interesting than the processors I see people building now.

The only device that I know much about *and* that is user-programmable is
the TAAC-1 graphics board for the Sun-3. I've never actually *seen* one,
but I once worked on a compiler for it.

>I'm looking for this as well. Actually I'm looking for any technical info
>on the Daybreak (== anything that _I_ can't work out in 10 minutes of
>looking at the machine :-)).

I suspect you could work out more in 10 minutes than I could in 10 days.
In 10 minutes I could *probably* find the power switch -- if it's not
behind a door.

There appears to be some information on Al Kossow's site
( in PDF form; I haven't looked at any of it

>I can teach you PERQ microcode, but although there are similarities, it's
>not going to help that much.

I think I have read something -- a series of Usenet posts? -- that you
wrote about the PERQ. They don't seem to be at all common here; on the
other hand, I didn't expect to come across the Xerox machines either.

On 1999/11/05 at 12:36am +0000, Tony Duell wrote:
>I suppose you could also trace what the fuse is connected to...

One side is straight on the line; the other is connected to a small
transformer on the fuse board. The secondaries lead to the front panel....

Kevin Schoedel
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