Shipping old heavy stuff

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Nov 4 21:12:59 1999


  I'm sorry to hear about your 5100. I have one that I need to ship to
another list member and I'm very concerned about the treatment that it
gets. Sounds like you did everything that you could to protect it. Do you
have any other suggestions other than using someone other than UPS? Did
you file a claim with UPS? What were the results?


At 04:00 PM 11/4/99 -0800, you wrote:
>FedEx 3-days service or FedEx freight is more expensive than UPS, but they
take much better care of your stuff. I recently shipped my IBM 5100
cross-country by UPS and had bad results. I heavily wrapped the unit in
bubble wrap, put it in a 275 lb test large box full of styrofoam popcorn,
and then put that box in a larger 275 lb test box full of styrofoam
popcorn. It arrived badly banged up, and half the cards had fallen out of
the backplane.
>>>> "George Currie" <> 11/04 12:39 PM >>>
>What shipping methods do people prefer for shipping larger (say >
>100lbs, large deskside, small mini type) systems. If you send it
>through ups are you just guaranteeing it'll get banged up? What
>alternative, relatively inexpensive methods are available?

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