Cleaning an 11/34?

From: Megan <>
Date: Thu Nov 4 22:51:50 1999

>> 1) Pull the boards and grants (noting location)
>Good first step.

I would suggest vacuuming as much as possible before even pulling
the boards -- especially the deteriorating foam... try to orient the
box such that any foam which breaks off while you're doing this
doesn't fall into the backplane...

Once the boards are out, then vacuum directly over the slots, spending
lots of time, and make sure you have good suction.

[... section on cleaning PSU removed ...]

Sounds sound...

>I've never needed to go any further, but by doing the above you can
>_really_ clean up the machine. It sounds a long job, but it takes me <30
>minutes to do all the above.

> 3) Washing the boards, (except for core mats)

Vacuum the boards (and/or blow them off with the dust-off...
I'll admit to being leary of putting boards in the dishwasher
the way Allison does, but it works for her, and she definitely
knows more than I about the electronics... so ...

> 5) Install enough boards to get ODT to talk to me
> and then work it one set at a time until I can
> boot from the TU-60.

Sounds good.. One problem is that you have to keep in mind the
slots which might need the CA1-CB1 jumper installed if you don't
have boards in it... otherwise you may get bus errors...

I would also think about a PSU power-on test with no backplanes
attached, then with backplanes attached, then with Unibus jumpers,
etc... I don't know if the PSU can handle a no-load condition,
though -- Allison, Tony or Tim.S might be able to answer that

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