Finally got a "straight" DF32 yesterday - bandwidth saver - many messages inside

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Thu Nov 4 23:58:40 1999

>--- Mike Ford <> wrote:
>> >More Paper tape software - A lot of old DECUS stuff for the 8/s (old dice
>> >game, 5,5/8,8), etc.. Two trays of Disk Monitor and PAL III-D. I STILL NEED
>> I have two trays, blue things with a clear top and 8 sections about 1x1
>> inch, 4 or 5 of said sections complete with papertape still in them. $1 &
>> postage to the first who wants them.
>Ooh... ooh... I'm interested (if you don't want to ship them to Canada).
>What's on the paper tape? I'm about to have a serial papertape reader

Claimed, as you might have guessed, and soon on the way to the great white
north. ;)

One of the tapes says something about a diagnostic, but thats just a guess.
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