Finally got a "straight" DF32 yesterday

From: John B <>
Date: Fri Nov 5 09:02:53 1999

Okay, I have the same drive(s-this weekend). The switch allows you to select
one of three computers the drive will be used on:

Straight 8

the switch controls bus lines, (and selectors diode or resistor) logic for:

pcl - straight 8
init - for 8i

certain bus signals for 8/8s/8i, and other things I am finding in the
schematic (mentioned changes between 8,8I,8/s). I haven't read the whole
book yet as I have been inundated with documentation again... and my pick up
this weekend will make my current document set look like a pamphlet. Do you
have schematics? Contact me off the list.

P.S. They did not put this switch on early model DF32s as only the 8,8/S was
around. I am getting a newer drive that has the 8I switch (more changes).

Does anyone know if digital fixed the head crashing problem with the DF32-D,
or -F?



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>--- John B <> wrote:
>> >> >What's the -8/I switch?
>> I believe I am VERY lucky to have a wife and children that don't mind
>> co-existing with such hardware (it is in its own room)!
>I ended up buying a farm with a 30'x50' quonset hut, but for more reasons
>just the collection. If all goes well, I'll be breaking ground for a
>built edifice for the collection in the spring.
>> I can answer your question when you tell me:
>> What kind of modules are in your DF32 - purple M series with "G", or read
>> "R" series with "G".
>No M. R. On all drives, masters and slaves.
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