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From: Lance Costanzo <>
Date: Fri Nov 5 09:37:02 1999

HP-3000 MANAGER.SYS or any account with capabilities of
                        SM (system manager)
                        OP (operator)
                        NM (network manager)
                        CV (create volume)
                        PM (priv mode)
                Each capability enables different commands.
                There's about 20 other caps, but these are the basic
                ones for system management.

ITF "OPRTR" which was usually aliased to something else
                Anybody ever use this? It was an interactive timesharing
                system running on IBM 360/370 systems in the early 70's.
                It had BASIC and PL/1. Pretty cool for its time.

The rest of this is based on my rapidly eroding memory banks:

RSTS/E [1,1] was the system (you couldn't really use it)
                [1,2] was the "system admin"
                [1,*] were privilged accounts

ITS "1000" account users.
                This was a timesharing system running on CDC equipment
                at the California State University campuses in the mid/early 70's.

NOS ******** (8 asterisks)
                This was the "upgraded" timesharing system running on CDC
                equipment (6000's??) at the CSU campuses in the mid/late 70's.

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