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Date: Fri Nov 5 11:03:56 1999

As memory (dimly) serves me, under VMS, any userid with "SETPRV" capabilities
would do it. There were some other priviledges, that, if carelessly granted,
could enable
a user to gain control of a system. IIRC, SYSNAM was one of them.


"Zane H. Healy" wrote:

> > I have a simple question (and --eek-- on-topic! ;-)
> >
> > I know the superuser ID for Unix/Linux/OS-9 is 0, what I was wondering is
> > what is the superuser ID for VMS, M/PM or any other classic multiuser
> > systems... it's for a trivia question I do on my weekly radio program.
> >
> > Thanks for any help,
> > Roger "Merch" Merchberger
> Are you talking UID, or login name? Not even sure some of them have
> anything other than a login name.
> OpenVMS:
> Account: SYSTEM UIC: [1,4] ([SYSTEM])
> However, under OpenVMS it's possible to set up another account so it's
> effectivally the SYSTEM account.
> At least some Harris Mini's used 'SuperVulcan', I always thought that cool.
> Isn't RSX-11M [1,54] for SYSTEM?
> IIRC there wasn't a "superuser" under GCOS-8 (on a Honeywell DPS-8, etc.),
> you just had superuser permissions. I assume the same was true under
> GCOS-6, but I barely had a chance to use the DPS-6's.
> The key word is that a lot of OS's aren't as stupid about security as UNIX
> tends to be.
> Zane
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